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About Higher Education Jobs (HEJobs)

HEJobs is a dedicated and centralised higher education career center.

  • An ideal meeting place for all higher education professionals seeking a new academic career opportunities and institutions looking to fill higher education job openings. Job postings will not be tied to all information about the institution,
  • Providing anywhere, anytime access to online jobs and professional CVs; a superior and easy to utilise search facility that will add great value to both institutions search efforts and to job seekers’ careers.
  • Make it easier for higher education candidates and employers to connect with one another as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. HEJobs will help both efficiently attain their respective goals in the academic sector.

Currently universities' corporate websites and their job announcements are forced together out of necessity – which in many cases loses momentum as one has to go through the general landing page first and then start looking for careers section, which in many cases are referred to in multiple terms or just differently named from one institution to the next.

The Skills Challenge

Higher education institutions are not immune to the skills crisis facing the country.

  • HE institutions, like many organisations in the country encounter serious challenges in attracting and retaining high quality academic employees.
  • Lack of collaborative interventions on areas of mutual concern among HE institutions.
  • The age problem, with a significant proportion of university academic staff beyond or approaching retirement age.
  • Many academic professionals hold positions with more than one institution.

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Dedicated Higher Education Recruitment Center

Centralised recruitment for South Africa public universities.
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