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Shortage of academic staff a worry for government

‚ÄčThe department of higher education, science and technology wants to ensure that universities receive all the necessary support to recruit, develop and retain academic staff. The academic skills shortage in SA remains a major problem. Universities have, in recent years, haemorrhaged highly qualified lecturers, especially during the often violent Fe...
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Permanent black academics make up more than 50% of staff in public higher education

Minister of higher education and training Naledi Pandor has raised concerns on the hiring of temporary staff members at institutions of higher learning. Pandor officially released two key reports on SA's performance of the post-school education and training system at an event on Tuesday morning. The first report is statistics on post-school educati...
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Dearth of senior academics

South Africa Higher education institutions are not immune to the skills crisis facing the country. The South African university sector has lost a number of senior academics. Some have moved to the private sector whilst others have emigrated. For example, recently Prof Cheryl de la Rey resigned from the University of Pretoria to take on a new post i...
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Introducing Higher Education Jobs (HEJobs)

The  HEJobs website was designed to enable all higher education institutions in South Africa to post their job adverts on a centralised higher education jobs portal. HEJobs serves as a dedicated higher education recruitment center. It is an ideal site for finding qualified academics. It is a meeting place for all highe...
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Higher Education Jobs (HEJobs) is a career portal dedicated to public universities. HeJobs enables institutions to post their job adverts on a centralized portal. HEJobs is is an ideal meeting place for all university professionals seeking a new academic career opportunity.

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