Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - University/Employer

What is HEJobs?

HEJobs is a career portal dedicated to South Africa public universities. HeJobs enables institutions to post their job adverts on a centralized portal:
  • An ideal meeting place for all higher education professionals seeking a new academic career opportunities and institutions looking to fill higher education job openings. Job postings will not be tied to all information about the institution,
  • Providing anywhere, anytime access to online jobs and professional CVs; a superior and easy to utilise search facility that will add great value to both institutions search efforts and to job seekers' careers.
  • Make it easier for higher education candidates and employers to connect with one another as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. HEJobs will help both efficiently attain their respective goals in the academic sector.

How can I contact HEJobs?

Email: or Telephone:+27 12 817 2017.

I've forgotten my login password, what can I do?

If you have forgotten your login password, please click here.

When was HEJobs launched?

The first version of HEJobs was launched in July 2013.

Why should I register?

You need to register your university and purchase a subscription to be able to access any of the services we provide: job posting, CV search, and inclusion of your business profile page in our directory.

How much does it cost?

To meet the needs of diffrent employers we offer diffrent subscription parkages, starting from a free trial subscription up to a platinum parkage.More infomation about the subscription parkages is available at Subscription Plans

What happens when a subscription parkage expires?

After a subscription plan has expired, an institution may opt to purchase extra ad-hoc credits or to renew the package.After a silver package expires, the institution will continue enjoying benefits for 7 days. On the Gold package the grace period is 15 days and on a Platinum package its 30 days.

How does the registration work?

  1. Click on Register button.
  2. Enter the HR representative details
  3. Please authenticate your account by clicking link sent to mailbox supplied
  4. When you login for the first time you will be requested to submit institutional information such as description and contact details
  5. Thereafter you may access your university dashboard to post jobs and or interact with jobseekers.

How is HEJobs promoted/ marketed?

1000s of academics have already registered on HeJobs and this number keeps growing. In order to attract and retain qualified Jobseekers, HeJobs is promoted via various channels:
  • Search Engine Optimisation – By associating the site with relevant keywords users interested in South Africa academic jobs should easily find the site via major search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Regular job alert emails to academics
  • Promotion via our partner network.

What is a Featured job?

A "Featured" status gives the advert more prominence/exposure. A featured job will display first on the job list page - A featured job will also display in the Featured jobs widget just beneath the search

What is the 'Active' status when capturing an advert?

The "Active" status means the job is published. This works in conjunction with the "Advertised date" & Closing date. For an advert to display:
  • The Active status must be set to YES
  • The Advertised date must be before or equal to today
  • The Closing date must be after or equal to today
By default the Active status is set to YES.

How to set/change the location of a position

To set/change the location of an advert kindly follow the following steps:
  1. Open the advert edit screen by clicking the pen/pencil icon
  2. Select Province from the dropdown filter
  3. Select City
  4. Scroll to bottom and under "Google Map", Click "Update Address "
  5. Click "Click to Geocode"
  6. Finally Click "Save Job" just under the map.

How do I capture a position with multiple locations?

Location is mandatory on the advert & a position cannot have multiple locations. If a position is available in multiple locations/campus, then the only solution is to capture multiple adverts i.e. an advert for each location.

What happens with credits are not used?

Credits are depleted by posting adverts/ viewing CVs or after the subscription term, whichever comes first. You may read more on HEJobs subscription plans @

My job advert is not saving

Please review the advert content. It`s likely that you have pasted the content from Microsoft Word and a number of forbidden special characters are included. These characters are forbidden because they can be used in attempts to compromise the system. The forbidden characters are:
  • { (left curly brace)
  • } (right curly brace)
  • [ (left square bracket)
  • ] (right square bracket)   
  • ? (question mark)
  • < (less-than sign)
  • > (greater-than sign)
  • = (equals sign)
  • ` (back quote)
  • / (slash)
  • \ (backslash)
  • \t (horizontal tabulation)
  • $ (dollar sign)
  • ^ (caret)
  • | (vertical bar, pipeline)
  • ~ (tilde)

South Africa University Jobs
Higher Education Jobs (HEJobs) is a career portal dedicated to public universities. HEJobs enables institutions to post their job adverts on a centralized portal. HEJobs is is an ideal meeting place for all university professionals seeking a new academic career opportunity.

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