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Faculty of AgriSciences
Faculty of Higher Education Development
Faculty of Engineering & The Built Environment
Civil Engineering and Surveying
Construction Management and Quantity Surveying
School of Mining Engineering
School of Electrical & Information Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering
Facilities Management
Industrial Engineering
Faculty of EMS
Faculty of Economics and Finance
Applied Management
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Community and Health Sciences
Faculty of commerce, law and management
Accounting Sciences
School of Economics and Finance
Faculty of Commerce
Public Administration and Management
Business School
Graduate School of Business
Business School
Centre for Higher Education Development
Academic Development
Faculty of Management Sciences
Economic and Management Sciences
School of Governance
Business Support Studies
Public Management and Administration
Faculty of Natural Sciences
School of Natural Resource Management
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Maritime Studies
Earth Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences
General Internal Medicine
Centre for Health Professions Education
Simulation and Clinical Skills Unit (SCSU)
Basic Medical Sciences
Global Health
Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Science
Public Health and Family Medicine
Paediatrics and Child Health
Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management
School of Pathology
School of Public Health
School of Clinical Medicine
School of Public Health
Biochemistry & Microbiology
Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology
Faculty of the Humanities
Anthropology and Sociology
Religious Studies
African Languages
Library & Information Services
Commerce Education
Foundations of Education
South African Sign Language and Deaf Studies
School of Human & Community Development
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit
Language and Literature
School of Languages and Literatures
Faculty of Education
School of Education
School of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology Education
School of Social Sciences and Languages
Curriculum Studies
Technology and Mathematics Education
College of Business and Economics
Fine art and Jewellery Design
Fashion and Textiles
Hospitality and Tourism
Business and Economic Sciences
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Drama Studies
Media, Language and Communication
School of Literature, Languages & Media Studies
Music and Musicology
Sociology and Social Anthropology
Fine Art
Information Science
Geography and Environmental Studies
Faculty of Science
School of Physics
Biogeochemistry Research Infrastructure Platform (BIOGRIP)
Physiological Sciences
Visual Arts
Environmental and Geographical Sciences
School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies
School of Geosciences
Faculty of Law
Private Law
Public Law
Faculty of AgriSciences
Biodiversity & Conservation Biology
Agricultural Economics
Animal Sciences
Zoology and Entomology
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Pharmacy
Institutional Planning
International Academics Programme Office
Research Office
Communication and Marketing Department (CMD)
Legal Office
Research and Innovation
National Standards and Reviews
Programme Accreditation
Institutional Support
Office of DVC: Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Vice Chancellor Office
Quality and Academic Planning Office
Institutional Advancement
Student Affairs
Development and Alumni Department (DAD)
Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Institutional Office
Centre for Higher Education Development
Support / Admin Department
Human Resources
Visual Communication Design
Student Admissions
Information Technology Support Services(ITSS)
Centre for Teaching and Learning
National Tertiary Employee Union(NTEU)
Business Studies Unit (BSU)
Office of the Registrar
Corporate Communication and Marketing
Student Counselling and Development
Tuition and Facilitation of Learning
Quality Control/Assurance
Corporate Services Directorate
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South Africa University Jobs

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