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First-year Academic Coordinator

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The incumbent's duties will include handling all enquiries about the Department of Business Management’s two first-year modules (Business Management 113 and 142). This responsibility includes both e-mail and direct (in-person) communication; and more.

Stellenbosch University

Department or Division: Business Management

First-year Academic Coordinator

(Ref. EBW05/228/0819)


A) Coordinating role (60% of the position's responsibility):

  • Handling all enquiries about the Department of Business Management's two first-year modules (Business Management 113 and 142). This responsibility includes both e-mail and direct (in-person) communication;
  • Full responsibility for all formative assessments in both modules. This includes coordinating dates, copying material, being involved in the marking of assessments as well as entering marks, and providing feedback to students;  
  • Involvement in and administrating all summative assessments in both modules (in accordance with the assessment policy of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences);
  • Full marking load of theory-based questions in both formative and summative assessments for both Business Management 113 and 142. The marking load will be equivalent to at least one class group;
  • Responsibility for the full marking load of the quantitative calculation questions in both formative and summative assessments for both Business Management 113 and 142; 
  • Full responsibility for coordinating the tutor programme for both modules. This includes the copying of material, communicating with tutors, and the scheduling of times and venues;
  • Responsible for presenting at least one group tutorial throughout the semester, for both modules;
  • Coordinating practical projects for both modules. This includes managing all project enquiries - both before submission and after marks have been published. Also responsible for feedback to students. Involved in marking projects and administrating marks;  
  • Responsible for updating the electronic SunLearn page;
  • Must be available at short notice to present any part of the module Business Management 113;
  • Responsible for all online assessments via the University's SunLearn platform. This includes the electronic marking of assessments. 

B) Teaching (40% of the position's responsibility):

  • An important responsibility of the position is presenting a pre-determined number of lectures in both Business Management 113 and Investment Management 142;
  • The incumbent will be responsible for the lectures of at least three class groups for both modules. 
  • Full responsibility for the presentation of all quantitative sections of Business Management 113. This includes breakeven analysis, taxation, and financial ratios.

Job Requirements:

A) Coordinating role

  • A minimum of three years' experience in facilitating and managing large groups of students. 
  • Experience in the following fields:
       1. facilitating assessments (also online via SunLearn);
       2. coordinating tutor programmes for large groups of students;
       3. day-to-day handling and management of student enquiries.
  • Knowledge and experience of online facilities (SunLearn);
  • The Department of Business Management implements dual-medium teaching. The incumbent therefore has to be fully able to function in a multilingual environment.

B) Teaching:

  • At least a Master's degree in Business Management;
  • In-depth knowledge of Business Management;
  • Expert knowledge of Financial and Investment Management. 
  • A minimum of three years' experience of lecturing large groups of students. This includes class groups of between 300 and 350 students.


  • Experience as a postgraduate supervisor at Honours level at least;
  • An academic record that includes research outputs.

Enquiries regarding job content: Prof. C Boshoff on 021 808 2735, or at

Enquiries regarding remuneration/benefits as well as technical assistance with the electronic application process: Human Resources Client Service Centre on 021 808 2753

Closing date: 26 August 2019

Commencement date: 1 October 2019

The University will consider all applications in terms of its Employment Equity Plan, which acknowledges the need to diversify the demographic composition of the staff corps, especially with regard to the appointment of suitable candidates from the designated groups.

The University reserves the right not to make an appointment.

Your application, comprising a comprehensive curriculum vitae (including the names and e-mail address of at least three referees), must reach the University before or on the closing date of the advertised post.


Candidates may be subjected to appropriate psychometric testing and other selection instruments.

The University reserves the right to investigate qualifications and conduct background checks on all candidates.

Should no feedback be received from the University within four weeks of the closing date, kindly accept that your application did not succeed.

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