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HEJobs is a premier career portal dedicated to South African universities and higher education professionals. Our mission is to foster seamless connections between academic job seekers and universities with job openings. Whether you’re an employer seeking qualified candidates or an academic exploring new opportunities, HEJobs is your go-to platform for university staff recruitment. Here’s what sets HEJobs apart:

  • Centralized Recruitment Portal: HEJobs enables institutions to post their job adverts on a centralized platform, streamlining the recruitment process for both employers and job seekers.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: We provide convenient access to online jobs and professional CVs. Job seekers can explore opportunities from anywhere, and employers can easily find qualified candidates.
  • Superior Search Facility: Our user-friendly search feature adds great value to institutions’ search efforts. Say goodbye to navigating convoluted university websites—HEJobs simplifies the process.
  • Efficient Connections: We make it easier for higher education candidates and employers to connect. With minimal effort, job seekers can find relevant positions, and institutions can identify top talent swiftly.
Addressing Staff Recruitment Challenges in Higher Education
Higher education institutions in South Africa face dire skills crisis due to a number of challenges. At HEJobs, we recognize the unique challenges faced by higher education institutions when it comes to recruiting staff. Here’s how we address these issues:


Collaborative Interventions

We believe in collaboration. By fostering connections and mutual concern among higher education institutions, we contribute to a stronger academic workforce.

Aging Workforce

The age problem is real. A significant proportion of university academic staff is approaching retirement age. HEJobs aims to bridge the gap by connecting experienced professionals with institutions.

Multiple Positions

Many academic professionals hold positions across different institutions. Our platform accommodates this reality, making it easier for them to manage their careers.

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Whether you're an employer seeking qualified candidates or an academic job seeker exploring new opportunities, HEJobs is here to support you. Visit our website to register and discover the latest openings in South African higher education. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at +27 12 817 2017 or info@higheredjobs.co.za.

Dedicated University Jobs Portal

HEJobs is a job portal for higher education professionals seeking a new university career opportunity and institutions looking for capable candidates.

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Higher Education Jobs (HEJobs) is a career portal dedicated to public universities. HEJobs enables institutions to post their job adverts on a centralized portal. HEJobs is is an ideal meeting place for all university professionals seeking a new academic career opportunity.

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